Iruela, Spain

St. Dominic Church

St. Dominic Church
Iruela, Spain

Pedro Gurriarán Daza, Salvador Garcia Villalobos

Diputación Provincial de Jaén
Topographic and Photogrammetric Survey of the Church of Saint Dominic in Iruela, Spain

The parish church of Saint Dominic in La Iruela was built at the foot of the old Islamic fortress, incorporated in the southern enclosure. Thus, the tower that serves as a belfry is part of the access system to the defensive complex.

The terrain, where the religious construction stands, therefore presents a difficult and steep topography, especially from east to west, with a height difference of 5.30 m.

The church walls bridge the slope creating a powerful stone base at the head, thus creating a leveled surface inside. The walls, constructed more or less orthogonally, support a different level, although on the north, south and west fronts there is a certain uniformity at the base level.

The main objectives pursued with this project consist broadly of:

• The fundamental objective of this technical intervention is to obtain a comprehensive and computerized topographic survey of the church of Saint Dominic structures .

Lower Level Plan

• Similarly, work will be carried out in the vicinity of the monument in order to define the immediate environment. It is important to present roads, parking areas, urban facilities and construction landmarks.

• In any case, the aim is to obtain a matrix or topographic survey that serves as the basic material from which to undertake future architectural or archaeological interventions or technical analyzes on the monument.

• Finally, the photogrammetric representation of the elevations allows us to define the main characteristics of the structures and their construction, as well as the materials used and their morphology.