Tarifa, Spain

City Walls of Tarifa

City Walls of Tarifa
Tarifa, Spain

Pedro Gurriarán Daza, Salvador Garcia Villalobos

Consejería de Cultura. Delegación Provincial de Cádiz
Restoration Project of the Oriental City Wall of Tarifa, Spain

This project was born with the intention of proposing a series of technical works aimed at consolidating an important part of the walls of the town of Tarifa, Cádiz. Specifically, we refer to the eastern and northern front of the Aljaranda enclosure, and to a part of the eastern front of the Arrabal walls, between the disappeared Retiro gate and its union with the northern Aljaranda remparts.

These defensive walls present various pathological problems that require urgent restoration works. We must note that this element suffered some restoration works, although the development of certain injuries and the abandonment of recent years make it necessary to develop this project for preserving the aforementioned walls. Thereby, we find abandoned parts and towers with their original construction, in which the passage of time and human action itself have caused significant losses of building material, disappearance of mortars and breakage of structures, among other injuries.


Definitely, the heritage and archaeological interest of these walls will be the main guarantee when talking about their study and recovery. The importance of this construction is beyond doubt, not only for constituting one of the most important and monumental heritage elements in Tarifa, but also as a sample of the fortification models that characterized the main Andalusian cities.

In this way, it is our intention to enhance and recover the architectural heritage that is characteristic of our geographical framework, and which has, in these defensive works, a point of special interest. Furthemore, these defensive works have ended up constituting a first-rate landscape and environmental reference, in such a way that they can be defined as a fundamental urban landmark given the close relationship that exists with the urban area of ​​Tarifa.