Dubrovnik Riviera, Croatia

Restaurant Basilico

Restaurant Basilico
Dubrovnik Riviera, Croatia

Nataša Ivanišević, Lucija Radelja, Maja Matorić, Krunoslav Šmit, Niko Borković

Hotel Mlini, Maistra d.d.
Under construction
Interior design project and supervision of works

Restaurant Basilico is located in the southwestern part of the hotel Mlini plot in centre of a pictoresque village with the longer side of the building bordering the sea promenade. The main entrance to the restaurant is organized from the southwest, right from the promenade.

The entrance area to the restaurant is defined by the Bar and Show kitchen, displaying a gelato vitrine and a high seating area behind the windows with a view of the street and restaurant's terrace. The Bar is the central part of the restaurant, oriented towards the main entrance and the sea promenade. Next to the bar there is a passage for employees towards the hotel and the entrance to the kitchen.

The Show kitchen is the main restaurant attraction, located toward the street with exposed parts of the kitchen visible from the promenade through the windows, showcasing a pizza oven and food preparation areas, also connected to the main working kitchen and storages. The Show kitchen and bar counter are delimited with open shelves made of dark metal and oak wood. The interior design evoke a typical Italian trattoria style with floors and walls in teracotta tiles, mosaico and stucco paint.

Gastro Vitrines

Basilico Restaurant terrace is south of the building, with direct contact with the sea and the coast, in the shade of pine trees and connected to the restaurant by street. It is raised around one meter from the promenade and the main entrance to the restaurant. Guests can enjoy Italian eating experience, with fresh, seasonal dishes at the table and a welcoming, casual atmosphere that ensures guests can unwind and fully relax, enjoying great food, wine and company.