Zürich, Switzerland

Restaurant Filini Zürich

Restaurant Filini Zürich
Zürich, Switzerland

Nataša Ivanišević, Sandra Barcons Planella, Jordi Parcet Comas

A&A Architects / Destila
A Pinch of Design

The Radisson Hotel Group
Design Project
Concept Design Project of Restaurant Filini at Radisson Blu Airport Hotel in Zürich, Stizerland

The existing Filini restaurant is located at the main entrance floor next to the lobby of Radisson Blu hotel at Zürich Airport. The task was to propose a redesign of the entrance area of Filini restaurant with a lounge bar offering fresh Deli products and to give guidelines for interior design refurbishment.

The combining of two contrasting worlds was one of the challenges the design had to answer. A new entrance to Filini restaurant with a bar in front called for a more intimate and private atmosphere within a large open space of the lobby.

A key introduction to the restaurant is a Show kitchen counter with a pizza oven visible behind and wooden tables with simple chairs placed outside in a setting that refer to the ambience of Italian streets and squares. Mosaic flooring, vegetation and wooden shutters evoke a Mediterranean lifestyle where people meet, chat and enjoy good food and company. The use of simple timber chairs contrast with the softness of upholstered benches and faux leather booths, all combined to add extra comfort for guests.

On the opposite side, new entrance area includes a snack bar with Deli shelves and antipasti vitrine, as part of the Show bar counter, giving customers a real Italian experience.